General questions

Pre-Leased properties are already rented out properties which start generating steady returns for the investor from day 1 and hence are classified as a Low-Risk Investment. For more details on why pre-leased properties are a good investment option, please visit Why Pre-Leased.

Pre-Leased properties are one of the safest and low-risk investment options available as the investor is the owner of the property and starts receiving a steady income from day 1. Pre-leased spaces are not subject to market volatility like in the case of the stock market/crypto market and generally beat the inflation due to rental escalation and capital appreciation of the asset.

It is true that developers are offering unrealistically high ROI in their Assured Returns options. But the rates at which these properties are sold are equally high. There is a huge risk of stagnation or even depreciation in the property value upon getting possession. For more details on pre-leased vs. assured return investments, please visit Why Pre-Leased.

The majority of the real estate we have on offer is recently leased out, completely furnished, and situated in prime locations. The usual lock-in duration is between three and five years. The investment is therefore comparatively safe throughout this time. All properties are in desirable areas and come fully furnished, so if the renter vacates after the lock-in time, it will be simple to lease it out again.

Our committed team will make sure that the property purchased by our investors is smoothly transferred into their names. The buyer is responsible for paying any applicable stamp duty and other registration fees.

If you have any additional questions, please use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of each page. Within 48 hours, a member of our team will respond.